Port 2009


The king of dessert wines, port is made by adding grape spirits to a fermenting red wine before all the natural sugar is consumed by the yeasts.  The result is a rich, sweet wine, high in alcohol that is meant to be sipped in small portions.  We like it with sliced apples, walnuts, and a blue-veined cheese.  Yummy!

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    Wine Tech

    Blend:  100% Cabernet Franc

    Alcohol:   17.5%
    pH:   3.48
    Titratable Acidity:  4.5 g/Liter
    Residual Sugar:   11.9%

    Harvest Date(s):  October 5, 2009
    Average Brix at Harvest:   25.4

    Barrel Aging:   31 months

    Bottling Date:   July 15, 2012
    Cases Produced:   1023